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Important phone numbers/information

Monkey Helpline:

If you find an injured monkey, please report to the SPCA or you can contact Carol on 082 411 5444 or Steve on 082 659 4711

Snakes Helpline:

If you find a snake in your house or garden and are concerned about the snake, please do not kill the snake, rather call for assistance to remove the snake. Please contact Crocworld on 039 9761103 or Jason on 082 745 6375

Durban SPCA:

031 579 6500

Kloof SPCA :

031 764 1212

If you find an animal running on the road, please do not chase it especially if they are on a freeway as they panic and become dis-orientated and you can make it worse. It is best to report the animal and wait for it to run to a quieter area where RTI can try capture it. The SPCA, by law, is not allowed to stop traffic on the freeway without the assistance of Road Traffic Inspectorates. Please report animals on the freeway to the Road Traffic Inspectorates or you can phone the Toti SPCA and they will report it for you. If the animal is running in the residential area, you then need to contact Metro Police.

Road Traffic Inspectorate on 031 916 4588
Metro Police on 031 361 0000
Or alternatively please contact the Toti SPCA on 031 904 2424

If you find cattle roaming on the freeway or residential roads causing traffic problems, please also report to the RTI or Metro as above. If the cattle are injured or in need of veterinary treatment, please contact the SPCA.

In an emergency please contact the SPCA office number and there will be a recording with the emergency cell on duty. Please note this number is for EMERGENCIES only!

If you find a stray animal after hours, please go to our offices as we have got staff on duty 24 hours a day. Please ring the bell at the front gate and they will take the stray animal in for safe keeping. If you are unable to take the animal to the SPCA offices, you can contact your nearest vet and most with arrangements will hold the animal until the SPCA can come out to the area and collect.

Please also note that we DO NOT have a vet onsite and we rely on our local vets within our area. Unless the animal is a stray and in need of veterinary treatment, we cannot assist. If you own a pet, it is your responsibility to take care of your pet and make sure they have proper veterinary care.

If you can no longer look after your pet for whatever reason, please DO NOT dump your pet. The SPCA will accept any pets with no charge. Please have respect for your pets and rather leave them with the SPCA where they can be looked after and be re-homed if possible.

Rabies vaccinations:

If you do not make the State Vet Clinic for your pets rabies injections, please note that you can bring them to the SPCA offices weekdays between 9am and 11am and 1pm and 2pm. We will do the Rabies vaccinations for a nominal fee.

Cat Traps:

If you have a stray cat that you are needing to rescue and bring into the SPCA, we do have cages that you can hire, please contact us for prices per day.