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Services For Your Pet

All products are available from our reception

The Worlds Coolest Pet Gear

Royal Canin, right from its early days when founded by a veterinarian, concentrated studies on Health Nutrition with the aim of providing more precise nutritional answers, adapted to the specific needs of cats and dogs. These answers are based on 2 clear and complementary sources: Observation and Science. Indeed, Health Nutrition implies perfect knowledge of the animal, enhanced by the expertise of breeders and professionals alike, in addition to research in partnership with scientists. "Dog and Cat First" and "Knowledge and Respect" have become the ethics of the brand, governing the development of each new invention.

Dog and Cat First
The main distinctive element of Royal Canin is our "Dog and Cat First" commitment, ideally describing the central place occupied by the animal throughout our innovation process. To contribute above all to well-being and healthiness in cats and dogs by allowing them to live longer in better health, such is the meaning of our philosophy. In fact, just the real need of cats and dogs guide our research and design for a new diet;hence the reason why Royal Canin chooses not to initiate market research campaigns with pet owners. This unique procedure guarantees the precision of our nutritional answers and their perfect adaptation to animal needs.

Wuma! fully balanced dog food is specifically formulated with your best friend's interests and well being at heart, without losing sight of your budget. Wuma! is specifically formulated for adult dogs with a normal level of activity, rich in chicken for easy digestion and palatability. Vitamin enriched for health and vitality and contains anti-oxidants to boost immunity.

Balanced Omega 6:3 Ratio for a healthy skin and coat. An insoluble mineral salt proven to protect the gut and to absorb toxins and odors. Wuma! has a moderate fat level of 8%, enhancing palatability while reducing the risk of excessive fat intake with overfeeding and resulting obesity, yet sufficient in providing sufficient energy for moderately active dogs. Gravy coated for added taste and enjoyment. No artificial flavourants or colorants used. Wuma!

Manufactutures of high qualiy dog kennels. Keeping your pets cool in the hot summers and warm in the cold winters.

Five standard sizes or made to order
L 1500mm   L 1100mm
W 1200mm      W 800mm
H 1250mm   H 750mm
L 1400mm   L 800mm
W 1050mm   W 750mm
H 1200mm   H 700mm
L 1200mm      
W 900mm      
H 1000mm      
  • Anti Corrosive
  • Anti Rot
  • Anti White Ant
  • Durable
  • Easy to Clean
  • East to Move
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Highest Quality
  • Insulated
  • No Maintenance
  • Washable
  • Weather Resistant
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